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Finkelstein & Fujii LLP offers experienced counsel and advocacy across a wide spectrum of legal problems, including business and corporate law, real estate, construction law and probate. To learn how our versatility and decades of practice can meet the legal needs of your business and family, contact us in San Mateo.
Over the years, our attorneys have learned that clients are best served when they have a range of options to choose from. Accordingly, we look beneath the surface of your situation to find streamlined and cost-effective approaches that will advance your interests in a business deal, an estate planning problem or a distressed property situation.

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Finkelstein & Fujii is the largest and most experienced common interest development and construction defect law firm in California. We provide superior, client-focused legal services and solutions to community associations and property managers throughout California and beyond.

Our lawyers are highly experienced construction, community association, and transaction real estate attorneys. They have a thorough understanding of the challenging legal issues that arise, and find the best solutions for our clients’ legal needs.

While our home offices are in California, we litigate matters in other states, including Hawaii, Nevada, Florida and Arizona, using our own attorneys and associated local counsel.

Our Commitment

At Finkelstein & Fujii, we  provide quality legal services and the effective representation necessary to make a difference for our clients in a variety of real estate issues.

We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and goals, and to develop a deeper understanding of the challenging matters that affect community associations and building owners today.

With our extensive legal experience and resources we can handle the most difficult transactions and complex construction problems. We help our clients pursue practical and efficient solutions to achieve the best result.

Our firm values every client relationship and the trust and confidence placed in us to build and maintain strong and lasting client relationships.

Clear and Responsive Communication

We provide our clients clear and responsive communication with a high degree of personalized attention and care.

Aggressive Fee Structure

We tailor our fees to the legal needs of our clients and staff each project efficiently. We offer special fee arrangements for major litigation and match our fee structure to the budget and cash flow needs of our clients.

Our Pedigree

Havaing been awarded the highest rating by Martindale-Hubble, year after year, and playing an active role in the courts, including the California Courts of Appeal and the State Supreme Court, our firm has helped shape California law, advising legislators on dozens of existing and proposed statutes governing community associations, building products liability and construction claims.

We have also assisted in writing much of the law on alternative dispute resolution for construction litigation and common interest developments found in California statutes today.


We actively participate in regional, statewide and national industry trade groups, and our firm partners take leading roles in organizations created to serve the commercial real estate and community association industries.

Additionally, at any given time, our attorneys serve on various task forces, committees and board positions for these organizations.

Our lawyers add focused knowledge and experience on demanding legal topics so that we can provide sophisticated client service on complex problems. We also recognize that many of our clients want to keep their legal affairs as simple and discreet as possible. We adapt our approach to your needs, your goals and the demands of your situation.

For additional information about the range of our practice and our ability to advise you effectively, contact us in San Mateo to schedule a consultation.

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